About Us

STUDIO 5253 is an Award Winning International Architectural Visualisation Studio producing stunning Architectural Visuals for projects across the globe since 2014

STUDIO 5253 has successfully helped thousands of happy customers to Visualise / Get Council Approvals / Market and Sell their properties ranging from Single Family Houses to Hi -Rise Apartments, from small stores/ cafes to 5 Star Hotels and Resorts, from a small office to Large Commercial Projects etc etc.

Our studios are based in Sheffield and London in the United Kingdom and in USA; Australia; Singapore; France; New Zealand.


The team at STUDIO 5253 has immense experience in the completion of all kinds of projects around the world. The team’s experience and overall dedication to the production of high quality architectural renderings, walkthroughs, VR experiences and Interactive presentations make STUDIO 5253’s services a highly value tool in any architectural or construction project.

STUDIO5253 UK has 2 studios, based in Sheffiled and London.

Sheffield Studio is led by
Mr William Calvert who has more than 20 years of experience in Design and Construction of various Real Estate Projects across UK.
Mr Peter Calvert who has a marketing background and an experience of about 20 years in marketing and sales.

London Studio is led by
Mr Hanif Kapadia who has over 20 years of experience in Photography and Real Estate Visuals.

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