3d Scale Models

Scale Models are impressive and a great way to show buyers or the council exactly what is going to be developed. Our Scale Models are built with laser-cut acrylic and sprayed with Dulux paints. We confidently offer prompt lead times and attractive pricing to help our developers get on with the marketing sooner. We also create DA Models to assist development gain Development Approvals with council.



Model Boundary and Scale. We will review the drawings with you and ascertain the best scale to build. A simple process which we achieve with you at the time of pricing the model. We confirm the requirements with your local council for all DA Models and for Marketing Models it comes down to how much space you have to present the model. Our typical scales are not limited to but include 1:50, 1:75, 1:100, 1:150, 1:200, 1:1500. Models also come with LED lighting, acrylic casing and custom built transport casing.


Setting the site. We will build up the terrain as per the survey plans. Each contour is measured to scale in the base and then hard and soft landscaping built ontop.


The model is sprayed with an undercoat and checked for 100% accuracy with drawings. Once all elements of the design have been cut they are sprayed to match the material schedule. Windows and glass balustrades are cut and the assembly begins.

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