Photomontages are a technical way of presenting the 3D model into the current day context of the development site. Our photographers capture a selection of angles and the 3D model of the building is then super-imposed into place. Lighting time of day matches that of the photograph and we can now see an image of the development once completed. Photomontages are for council DA submissions and are also for Marketing off the plan.



A view is selected and the photographer will head to the site. We will incorporate a selection of additional views to provide further options should your marketing or council require.


A photograph taken with no less than a 20mm lens setting [council regulation] is then captured. The image is optimized for alignment with the 3D model.


The model of the building is then set with the equivalent lens conversion and positioned to match the location of camera taking the photograph. The textures and materials applied then lighting matched to time of day.

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